The Blob Game

Guess (don't count) how many blobs there are...

The purpose of this game is to train your brain to instantly recognise how many objects there are in a group.

The younger you are, the easier this game is.

If children play this game while their brains are still forming (before 6 or 7), it will positively affect the 'wiring' which is still developing in their brains.

Once they have mastered this game, they will be able to instantly count any collection of objects up to 100, just by looking.

Adults will find this game much harder, especially for numbers higher than 6 or 7.

That is because our brains were not trained, and are only able to naturally handle 7 ± 2 objects at a time. That's why the menus on most web sites are from 5 to 9 items.

Hints on playing

  1. Use a sphere shape while learning, so that your brain is not distracted by the points on the other shapes.
  2. Work in groups of six possibilities at a time, eg set the minimum to be 5 less than the maximum.
  3. Kiddies should start with a 1 — 5 range, while adults should start with the 5 — 10 range.
  4. Once you have mastered a small range, move to the next small range up, and once that is mastered, expand the range to include both groups. Eg first master 5 — 10, then 10 — 15, then do 5 — 15. Continue in this way, gradually expanding the range until you can instantly recognise any number from 1 to 100.

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